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Washing and drying with just one machine

  • Washing and drying with just one machine Let the Green & Clean machine do everything itself
  • Practical and convenient, without any reloading
  • Save time and do something important in the meantime

Laundry service

Our washing machines offer space for up to 30 kg of laundry of all types. For sensitive textiles, we have suitable gentle washing programs that wash and spin extra gently so that the laundry is not creased or stressed. With Green & Clean you also protect the environment: We completely dispense with chemical additives.

Clean (er) than you think

Clean (er) than you think

Live allergy-free

1. Select the machine

First load one or more suitable machines with your laundry and carefully close the door. Now make a note of the number of the loaded machine and proceed to payment.

2. Payment

Pay conveniently and cheaply with our GreenClean app or select one or more machine numbers on the terminal touchscreen. Choose your payment method (credit card, ATM / debit card or GreenClean card) and just follow the next steps.

3. Select the washing program

By turning the rotary knob you can select the desired washing program, which then appears on the display. Note! The wash and dry machines have different programs for washing only and washing and drying in one cycle.

4. Start the program

The selected washing program starts by pressing 'OK'. If it doesn't start right away, press 'OK' again. (After payment, please start the machines within 4 minutes.)

GreenClean Card

Advantages of the new wash cards:

Special offers for cardholders,

take advantage of this opportunity immediately and buy your GreenClean Card.

The practical and environmentally friendly card!

No annoying coin counting or searching for cash! The invoice will be sent to you as a text message. This also has less of an impact on the environment.

Safe even in the event of theft or loss!

If you lose your GreenClean Card, you can simply have it blocked by calling 0800 10 25 59 and the remaining amount will be transferred to a new card.

gc card

I’m smart


With our mobile app, many things are easier and more convenient. You can pay all washing machines, dryers and extras of the Green&Clean laundromats simply and easily with your smartphone.

Green&Clean Professional.

Do you want to open a Green & Clean self-service laundromat?

The simple investment: low risk, high profit

Laundry service

Quick and easy

You only have to wait a good hour, then your voluminous laundry is washed and dried. So you can take your blankets, pillows and much more hygienically and cleanly back home with you.


From € 12 you can wash up to 20 kg of laundry. If you have even larger or more voluminous laundry, machines with a capacity of up to 26 kg are available.

More hygienic!

Only Green&Clean add a tested hygienic detergent to every wash. In this way, your laundry is freed from all types of bacteria pore-deep.

Green&Clean Laundry

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