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With our GreenClean App you save 10% on all services.

This App allows you to chose and pay the machines in our stores quick and easy.

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How does the Green & Clean app work?

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1. Find the store next to you!

With our app you can easily find the store next to you.

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2. Select one or more machines you want to use

Select the machine through the APP

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3. Pay with Credit Card or Paypal

You can pay directly with our APP

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4. Select the program.

Select the washing or drying program, then press the OK or START button on the machine.

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New updates!

With the next updates of our app, new services and features will be added

Who is Green & Clean?

In den letzten Jahrzehnten hat sich viel verändert. In sehr vielen Haushalten sind eigne Waschmaschinen und Trockner zur Selbstverständlichkeit geworden. Der Trend, waschbare Textilien herzustellen, hat sich durchgesetzt. Chemische Textilreinigungen, die mit gesundheitsgefährdenden Lösungsmitteln arbeiten, werden immer weniger aufgesucht.

Health, hygiene and environment are now important factors of a modern family. 

In the last decades a great deal has changed. In many households, having your own washing machine and dryer has become a given. The trend for manufacturing washable textiles has prevailed.
Chemical textile cleaning, which works with solvents that are harmful to health, is sought out increasingly less frequently.
Health, hygiene and the environment are important factors in a modern family.
We are reacting to this new market situation with innovative possibilities. It is important to us that the customer is the focus of our idea. And the environment should also be protected in doing
so, for our own benefit. We know: even the launderette concept itself needs new incentive.
For this reason we have taken the initiative and developed a strong and innovative concept:

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