Advantages of the new wash cards:

In all Green&Clean laundromats – whether in AUSTRIA, ITALY OR
GERMANY – with our GreenClean-Card you can pay everywhere in
anywhere in Europe, no matter where you bought it.

Special offers

For cardholders, take this opportunity immediately and buy your Card.

The practical and environmentally friendly card!

No need to count coins or search for cash! The bill is sent to you as an SMS. This also reduces the burden on the environment!

Safe even in case of theft
or loss!

If you lose your Green&Clean Card arte, you can simply block it by calling 0800 10 25 59 and the remaining amount will be transferred to a new card.

Who is Green & Clean?

Much has changed in recent decades. In very many households own washing machines and dryers have become a matter of course. The trend to produce washable textiles has taken hold. Chemical dry cleaners, which work with solvents that are hazardous to health, are being sought out less and less.

Health, hygiene and environment are now important factors of a modern family.

We are therefore responding to this new market situation with innovative options. It is important to us that the customer is at the center of our idea. And the environment should also be protected in the process for our own benefit. The washing machine at home is for the small laundry. Those who want more convenience, for special pieces of laundry or just in general, will appreciate the offer of a GreenClean laundromat. Naturally Simple Washing.