Your jacket is no longer water repellent?

Why not come to a Green&Clean laundromat!

With us you can easily impregnate your clothes.

Our washing machines offer space for up to 26 kg of laundry of any kind. For delicate textiles, we have suitable gentle wash programs that wash and spin extra gently so that the laundry does not wrinkle and is not stressed. With Green&Clean, you also protect the environment: We do not use any chemical additives.

Green&Clean Impregnate

Use our washing machines to impregnate your clothes. Simply select the ‘Impregnate’ program, which is listed last in the washing programs.


For best results, the textiles should be clean before impregnation. Then dry or iron at a high temperature.

Green&Clean is greener than you think

We bear responsibility and therefore use only biodegradable detergent.
Our washing machines wash with low water consumption and are operated with green electricity.