Voluminous laundry

With Green&Clean you can wash or dry up to 26 kg of laundry in just one machine.

Green & Clean is
fast and convenient

Just a good hour you have to wait, then your voluminous laundry is washed and dried. So you can take your blankets, pillows and much more, immediately clean hygienic home again.

Green & Clean is
cheaper than you think

For as little as € 12 you can wash up to 20 kg of laundry with us. If you have even larger or more voluminous laundry, we have machines with a capacity of up to 26 kg.

Green & Clean is

Only we add a tested hygienic detergent to every wash cycle, so your laundry will be pore-deep free from any kind of bacteria.

Green & Clean is greener than you think

We take responsibility and therefore use only:Biodegradable detergent. Our washing machines wash with low water consumption. We purchase only natural electricity.